Application and Selection Procedure

For Self-Funded applicants the same procedure shall apply as for candidates applying for an Erasmus+ Scholarship. The application procedure is divided into three steps: (1) Application, (2) Selection of Candidates, and (3) Registration for Admission.

Interested and qualified candidates submit their application. Candidates are first screened for eligibility by the programme office and Selection Committee members. Applicants complete the online form in a two-steps process guided by the application handbook.

We provide an annual call for applications.

The selection procedure is informed by the minimum requirements set by the European Commission. It guarantees the transparency of the selection process and an equitable treatment of individual applications. Information about an appeal procedure is available to all CDE applicants.

The selection procedure involves a series of steps before making a final and fair decision; a schedule is provided in the call text.

The CDE Programme Office together with partner universities admission offices will facilitate required admission steps.

Admission to the programme will be offered to outstanding applicants.

latest update: February 24, 2020