Definition of Terms

Admission to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme is provided by the consortium’s universities participating in the Erasmus+ funded project; after successfull application and evaluation admission to the degree programme will be offered to outstanding applicants only. University admission is provided by the consortium’s admission offices.

The Selection Committee ranks applications according to five categories: Outstanding, Highly competent, Competent, Not yet competent, and Failed.  Admission to the programme will be offered to outstanding applicants. Please note that ineligible applications will not be assessed.

Demonstrate a high degree of commitment and motivation, a strong interest and background in the ‘Geospatial’ field of applications as well as in working in international environments.

Outstanding Students

Fulfill all required academic qualifications for admission with excellent academic results. Can document required high level competences in English language.

Outstanding Students
Short-listed candidates best meet the required and desired criteria defined by Selection Committee members. They move forward onto the next step the online interview. All other applicants might be either a reserve listed, unsuccesful or ineligible candidate.

The Selection Committee prepares a nomination proposal for candidates selected as Self-Funded candidate, Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarship holder or Reserve-listed candidate. Unsuccessful candidates receive a notification; ineligible applications won’t be assessed.

The nomination list takes into account following criteria:

  • General Academic Requirements for Admission
  • Academic Requirements for Track GeoDSc students
  • Academic Requirements for Track GeoVIS students
  • Additional criteria for selection
  • For Erasmus+ scholarship applicants Erasmus+ scholarship eligibility rules apply as set by EACEA
  • Completed application

All selected candidates not receiving an E+ scholarship within the CDE programme are considered as admissible on a self-funded basis. This includes everyone either funding their own studies, getting financial assistance from family or friends, beneficiaries of scholarships other than Erasmus+, taking out a student loan etc.

All applicants who fulfill the consortium’s application and selection criteria but who could not be included in the main (student) list due to the limited number of scholarships available. Highly ranked candidates depending on a scholarship are placed on the reserve list and will be notified in case of any cancellations. Partner institutions shall provide an admission offer to programmes according to curricula, if candidates can prove alternative funding for studies.

Applicants not fulfilling either eligibility criteria and/or academic merits because of a highly competitive selection process. This includes identified deficits of required academic profile, lack of demonstrated motivation for the selected specialization track, or insufficient language competences.

are incomplete applications, or not eligible due to consortium criteria or Erasmus+ regulations.

latest update: February 11, 2020