Expat Insurance

A mandatory insurance coverage is provided by the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) to all students who receive an EMJMD scholarship, for the entire period of studies. It is useable for visa application, covers medical costs, is valid as travel and household insurance. Learn more in the policy conditions.

General Information

Students receive prior arrival their personal insurance certificate ‘Global Student Insurance from Expat & Co., comprehensive’. This is the official insurance document, proof of cover. Please carry your certificate when travelling.

In the policy conditions you will find a detailed description of how your insurance works. The policy conditions are available on Expat’s website: https://expatinsurance.eu/en/downloads, choose

Student Insurance (students, interns, au-pairs, phd’s, university staff, researchers) Student Insurance – Benefits guide & Policy Conditions.pdf

Comprehensive is a more complete (worldwide) coverage (incl. luggage, home contents, better dental…). However, it does NOT cover everything that may be needed!

Benefits & Options
Module 1: Medical Treatment Costs
Module 2: Assistance Abroad
Module 3: Accidents
Module 4: Baggage & Household Furniture
Module 5: Extra Contractual Liability Private Life

Insurance coverage for temporary stays (e.g. holiday, a visit to the family) in the home country is limited to a maximum of 8 consecutive weeks (further information see pages 10 and 11, Expat insurance general information).


Treatment costs shall be paid in advance, the insurance (Expat) shall be contacted for refunds.

Please contact the insurance to clarify covered expenses PRIOR to specific treatments (e.g. x-ray, sonography, etc.) or hospitalisation.

  1. Complete the claim form (see all forms: https://expatinsurance.eu/en/claims); For claims for illness, accident and medical claims see: https://expatinsurance.eu/sites/default/files/2020-01/CLAIM-FORM-MEDICAL-ACCIDENT-to-be-filled-out-by-the-patient.pdf
  2. Send the form to the insurance (https://expatinsurance.eu/en/claims) by email and save a copy for your own reference.
  3. Do not forget to attach the medical report and invoice, proof of payment.

The insurance refunds also the costs for prescribed medicines or medicines entered on the hospital/doctors invoice, for use during the period covered by the insurance. For a longer use, prior written approval should be obtained from the insurance (see in insurance general conditions, medical care, page 14).

Contact claims@expatinsurance.eu (office hours GMT +1) or +32 (0)2 463 0404 (office hours GMT +1) with all requests that can be dealt with during office hours. The manual and further information is available at https://expatinsurance.eu/en/claims.

  1. Before you go to the doctor/hospital complete the MEDICAL REPORT form with your policy number, name, address etc. (best you print several forms).
  2. Take the MEDICAL REPORT form always with you if you need to go to a doctor, hospital.
  3. The doctor must sign the MEDICAL REPORT, without a signature, you will not get a refund of the cost.
  4. After the appointment, pay the costs because you have to pay in advance and ask the insurance (expat) for refunds.

Contact Expat in case of an emergency

If you find yourself needing to claim URGENT ASSISTANCE, or if you are hospitalised, call or e-mail the (Expat) Alarm Centre for immediate support. 24/7  Tel: +32 (0)2 669 088 ; 24/7  E-mail: help@expatinsurance.eu

Tel: +32 (0)2 463 0404 (office hours GMT +1); claims@expatinsurance.eu (office hours GMT +1)

Health care and Coronavirus

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