Health care and Coronavirus

Helpful instructions – WHAT to do if you get sick!

call the Austrian health hotline (Gesundheitstelefon) on 1450, free of charge from any phone with no need for an area code. Trained staff will guide you and suggest further steps.

Usuall you have to make an appointment with a so called ‚Hausarzt‘ in the environment you are living (go only in emergency cases to the hospital):

  1. Search in google or ask us for a doctor (check Fachrichtung ‘Allgemeinmedizin’ in this database).
  2. Call the doctor and make an appointment.


  • Before you go to the doctor/hospital complete the MEDICAL REPORT form with your policy number, name, address etc. (best you print several forms).
  • Take the MEDICAL REPORT form always with you if you need to go to a doctor, hospital.
  • The doctor must sign the MEDICAL REPORT, without a signature, you will not get a refund of the cost.
  • After the appointment, pay the costs because you have to pay in advance and ask the insurance (expat) for refunds.

Dentist (e.g. Zahngesundheitszentrum Salzburg: Mo-Fri, Engelbert-Weiß-Weg 10, 5020 Salzburg, ph: +43 5 0766-175555)