University of South Brittany, Computer Science Department

Role in Project: Degree Awarding Institution, Host of Study Year 2, Specialization Track GeoDSc – GeoData Science

In the CDE EMJMD study programme University of South Brittany (UBS), Computer Science Department provides specializing in Computer Science/Data Science including computer vision, machine learning and big data with a focus on data analytics for Earth Observation (AI for EO). Courses will be delivered from the OBELIX team of IRISA (Institute for Research in Computer Science and Random Systems).

IRISA is a research institute jointly supported by universities (UBS, University of Rennes) and graduate schools in Brittany, as well as by national research organizations (CNRS, INRIA). IRISA is one of the largest computer science research institutes in France (800+ members). Its outstanding scientific quality led IRISA to be given highest ranks by the national research evaluation agency, deeply involved in the Image & Networks innovation cluster, and labelled as a national excellence laboratory (COMIN Labs – Digital Communications and Informatics for the Future Internet). It belongs to EIT ICT Lab Knowledge & Innovation Community. OBELIX team is a group from IRISA that conducts its research activities on image analysis and machine learning for environment observation using remote sensing data. Among its fields of expertise for teaching and research are: machine learning, deep learning, transfer learning, data mining, big data, image analysis, image understanding, high performance computing, etc.

latest update: August 30, 2018