The summary information provided below gives instructions necessary to the appeals procedures available to CDE scholarship applicants

Purpose of Appeal
To allow applicants to apply for a reconsideration of their application submitted to CDE.
Please send an email to the Selection Committee Chair: Prof. Vít VOŽENÍLEK
State the reason why you believe that the selection decision was to your disadvantage. Please refer to the selection criteria and point out which of the criteria or which of your documents that could have been subject to misinterpretation.
The student needs to be able to show that either there has been a procedural error or that there is new evidence concerning mitigating circumstances that were not made available to the Selection Committee and that it has been produced at an earlier stage of the online application.
Appeals will not be considered against the academic judgement of the application evaluator or in respect to the quality of the Selection Committee and selection process.
latest update: August 28, 2018