Registration for Admission as CDE Joint Master Student

The CDE Programme Office will guide candidates’ application for admission, as degree-seeking students. The Admission Offices of the ‘CDE’ universities provide admission letters. This letter is also valid for the application for entry documents with the representative authority (Embassy or Consulate).

Be prepared to show your original (legalized/certified) documents!

In Salzburg @ PLUS you will need to show your original documents (degree award, diploma supplement, transcript of records, passport, etc.)!

Certified Translation (after legalization)

Original foreign language documents (except for English-language documents) must be accompanied by certified English translations which were carried out by court-certified translators. Translators must attach the original documents to the translation so they cannot be separated. If the translation is not carried out in Austria, the translator must be authorised by the responsible Austrian Embassy.

Please note: You have to distinguish between legalization and translation of documents. We only accept documents in languages other than German if a certified interpreter (translator) has translated them. ‘In principle, the original document should show all required stamps of legalization before being subject to translation, so that the various stamps can also be translated.’ see guidelines: BMBWF | BMEIA | OEAD

Hague Apostille

Original educational qualifications need to be verified by means of a “Hague Apostille” (check your respective country’s regulation provided by PLUS). This verification should be added to original documents. You can find more information on the applicationy process for the issue of a “Hague Apostille”, see  also, How to get an apostille?

Please read carefully all guidelines mentioned above; including this information!
latest update: January 28, 2019