Completed Online Application

A completed online application form is required.

Only applicants who will submit all required documents will be eligible for consideration. The Selection Committee will review applications based on uploaded documents.

Online Application Form Contents

  1. I apply for admission as: Self-funded student, E+ Scholarship student, combined
  2. Personal Details
  3. Visa information
  4. COVER LETTER:  mentioning
    • prior studies in the geospatial domain,
    • any experience in remote sensing and/or cartography,
    • your programming/software development experience,
    • prior or current geospatial project experiences and
    • any involvement in outreach and community services.
  5. Prior Academic Degree(s)
  6. Current Study (if applicable)
  7. Current or former Work Experience
  8. Geospatial Academic Expertise (additional criteria)
  9. Language Proficiency
  10. E+ Scholarship Applicants
  11. Self-Funded Applicants: Statement of Financial Resources
  12. References (e.g. former teachers, able and willing to communicate in English).
    in this letter, the candidate should explain how past experiences have prepared him/her for participation in the E+ Joint Master Programme, how this programme will improve his or her own career perspectives and will support personal ambitions and objectives. It should be specific! 
  14. Attachments
  15. Declaration of Correctness and Understanding
  16. One more final question

Required Documents

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV), based on the English template from the Europass website, including a passport photo.
  2. Proof of identity and nationality (color scanned copy of the passport photo page).
  3. Proof of current residency, e.g. residential registration form.
  4. A copy of your academic degree awards, including diploma supplement, if available (plus certified translation where documents not issued in English).
  5. A copy of your transcript of studies (plus certified translation where documents not issued in English).
  6. Formal proof of English proficiency, applicable to all applicants (Language certificate C1/B2; certificate confirming completion of at least four-semester study in English language at a recognized post-secondary educational institution).
  7. Reference Letter 1 (optional), e.g. previous or current professors/teachers or employers.
  8. Reference Letter 2 (optional).
  9. Signed declaration.
latest update: October 9, 2019