How CDE’s Selection Committee members read your application: a guide for applicants

EM CDE’s Selection Committee members read all applications and review all candidates and aim on a fair judgment on your application. Consider our application tips and visit also the FAQ page.

Admission to Copernicus Master in Digital Earth requires a qualification based selection process, based on a call for application. The same procedure shall apply for Self-Funded Students and Erasmus+ Funded Students.

For more information please visit: WHO – HOW – WHERE

Eligibility criteria in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s degree programme consist of TWO parts: University general eligibility criteria, and programme-specific eligibility criteria, which specify and add information to the general criteria. Candidates must meet both to be considered eligible.

For more information please visit: 4 Eligibility Criteria. Please note: Having gained a first degree, e.g. a Bachelor’s university degree, is only one of four criteria to be considered!

At the time of application candidates select and prioritize at least one specialization track. Please ensure that you meet specialization track criteria.

For more information please visit: General Criteria | Programme | Courses

A content list is available on the website. Special hints:

  • Read the call for applications!
  • Put also an emphasis on writing a COVER and PERSONAL MOTIVATION LETTER that will make an impression. For more information please visit: Completed application
  • The application handbook assists in preparing and completing the online application process.

The application form and uploaded documents provide the Selection Committee many benefits, e.g. reduction in the time spent browsing through CVs and resumes, checking criteria of candidates. It provides candidates the option to submit an outstanding application which fits CDE’s criteria. Write an application as good and expressive as possible, we are interested not only in your educational background, but also in prior work or reseach experience, competency-based questions, and personal statements.

Learn more about the structure of COPERNICUS MASTER IN DIGITAL EARTH in the curriculum. It offers an insight into:  Overview of the degree programme and professional skills; Required courses and plan of study; Optional specialization tracks and mobility periods; Internship (work placement), etc.

For more information please visit: Curriculum

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme is open world-wide, this includes also EUROPEAN applicants.

For more information please visit: Erasmus+ eligible countries

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme is open world-wide.

For more information please visit: Erasmus+ eligible countries

The Selection Committee ranks applications according to five categories: Outstanding, Highly competent, Competent, Not yet competent, and Failed.  Admission to the programme will be offered to outstanding applicants.

For more information please visit selection AND definition of terms.

Test your technology (in addition links and information will be provided in a timely manner), act professional (be aware of your body language, dress for success), create a set (consider the background and unforseen distractions), try to practice answers to common interview questions (many tips and hints are available, search for best practices).

Reserve listed candidates are all applicants who fulfill the consortium’s application and selection criteria but who could not be included in the main (student) list due to the limited number of scholarships available. Turn disappointment into OPPORTUNITY:
Reserve listed applicants receive, upon request, a provisional admission letter confirming that academic requirements for EM CDE and the general prerequisites for study enrolment at the University of Salzburg are being met by the candidate. If they’re relying on scholarship funding in order to be able to study, this letter shall support, inter alia, application for other funding than Erasmus+ EMJMD.

All students not receiving an Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarship within the CDE programme are considered as self-funded, and the application for admission (study enrolment) to the University of Salzburg is managed by EM CDE, please follow guidelines and information.

Prerequisites and application form is the same for everyone. Therefore, each candidate has the same opportunity to highlight individual skills.

latest update: May 13, 2020