University Admission (Step 3)

Selected applicants register for admission as MSc student admitted to the programme ‘Copernicus Master in Digital Earth’. The Programme Office will guide candidates’ application for admission, as degree-seeking students; the Admission Offices of ‘CDE’ universities provide admission letters, confirming the acceptance to study at the university.


Candidates complete the PLUS Application for Admission Master-Programme (066 651 Master’s Programme, Copernicus Master in Digital Earth) and upload it to ‘mobility online’. SEND a notification to Complete the online PRE- REGISTRATION (starts at the beginning of July) following this link. SEND a notification to Student admission will be finalized upon arrival in Salzburg.

Personal enrollment: a joint appointment at PLUS office of admissions will be organized by the CDE Programme Office. Required original documents (in German or English language, or certified translations):

  • Valid international passport
  • University entrance qualifications (or proof of the right to study the chosen subject)
  • Certificate of additional examinations (if required for the chosen course)
  • Letter of acceptance (If obtained)
  • Documentation of prior academic degree awards
  • Certificate of change of name (unless the names are identical on all documents, e.g. marriage certificate)
  • Matriculation number (if available) from another Austrian university or a University of Applied Sciences
  • Social insurance number or alternative proof of insurance in Austria (social insurance card or health insurance certificate)
  • Further information

NO  DOCUMENTS shall be sent by post to the university prior to your arrival! In Salzburg @ PLUS you will need to show your ORIGINAL (certified) documents (degree award, diploma supplement, transcript of records, passport, etc.)! Please note: There is no need for a certified translation, when original certificates include an English language translation.

If you have completed your undergraduate studies but not yet received an official degree certificate, you should be able to provide a formal statement from your university confirming your degree result.

A list of selected students will be submitted to UBS and UPOL International Office. Students will be registered by the International Office for the whole duration of the Degree Programme.

Original foreign language documents (except for German and English language documents) must be accompanied by certified English translations which were carried out by court-certified translators. Translators must attach the original documents to the translation so they cannot be separated. If the translation is not carried out in Austria, the translator must be authorised by the responsible Austrian Embassy.

Please note: You have to distinguish between legalization and translation of documents. We only accept documents in languages other than German or English if a certified interpreter (translator) has translated them. ‘In principle, the original document should show all required stamps of legalization before being subject to translation, so that the various stamps can also be translated.’ see guidelines: BMBWF | BMEIA | OEAD

latest update: March 13, 2020