Selection of Candidates (Step 2)

The Selection Committee ranks applications according to five categories: Outstanding, Highly competent, Competent, Not yet competent, and Failed.  Admission to the programme will be offered to outstanding applicants. Please note that ineligible applications will not be assessed.

The selection procedure is as follows:

Applications are first checked for eligibility by the programme office. Non-eligible candidates are notified, including appeal information.

Based on the eligible application shortlisting will be implemented. The short list will be based on academic qualifications and merits and CDE’s Additional Criteria for Selection. For E+ scholarship applicants Erasmus+ scholarship eligibility rules will be checked.

Candidates who are on the shortlist for an interview will be contacted by Selection Committee members. By this time the selection has not been finished yet, and final information to applicants will be communicated according to the timetable published in the call.

All short listed applicants will be invited for an online interview by the Selection Committee aiming at validating submitted documentation including language skills, assessing personality and potential.

The Selection Committee (SelCom) prepares a nomination proposal, including reserve listed candidates. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified.

Successful candidates receive a letter of acceptance and are requested to respond with a confirmation. Offers of ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS are communicated separately and are subject to immediate confirmation by the recipient.

at this stage are provisional and are subject to approval by EACEA, the EU agency providing the scholarships.

Highly ranked candidates depending on a scholarship are placed on a reserve list and will be notified in case of any cancellations. Candidates of the reserve list can be promoted to the corresponding main/student list should any candidate of the main list drop out (following the rules and procedure of the EACEA). The latest date to move from reserve list to main list (selected students) is June 30.

Please note: Reserve listed candidates are all applicants who fulfill the consortium’s application and selection criteria but who could not be included in the main (student) list due to the limited number of scholarships available. Partner institutions shall provide an admission offer to programmes according to curricula, if candidates can prove alternative funding for studies.

Candidates not selected for further consideration will be notified.

The Selection Committee does not communicate the shortlist, only candidates who are shortlisted for interview will be contacted. Final decisions will be communicated to ALL applicants after the Selection Committee meeting, schedules are published in the call.

latest update: February 25, 2020